Rotary Drum Thickener - Sludge Thickening Equipment

The Rotary Drum Thickener is an excellent option for many thickening applications. The RDT provides high thickening capacity and performance in a small footprint with minimal water usage and maintenance costs in a naturally enclosed unit.


  • Variable Drum Speed Drive – Allows control of slurry depth inside the drum maximizing thickening performance
  • Center Shaft / Bearing design – Bearings are all located outside the enclosure, keeping bearings from being exposed to process fluids
  • Enclosure – Fully enclosed with easily accessible points for optimization and maintenance.
  • Dual drum offers built in redundancy on single frame

Recent Improvements:

  • Increased center shaft diameter for durability and longevity
  • Redesigned inlet to reduce polymer usage and increase solids capture

Rotary Drum Thickener Case Studies

2 dual 4x10 rotary drum thickeners for thickening residuals
Rotary Drum Thickener

Milford Massachusetts Wastewater Treatment Plant

Milford, MA Wastewater Treatment Plant chose the BDP Rotary Drum Thickener for cost-effective sludge handling, achieving over 6.0% thickness since August 2019 with enclosed units for clean operation and odor control.

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4x10 rotary drum thickener with control panel and flocculation tank
Rotary Drum Thickener

Peppers Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority

In 2017, Peppers Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority upgraded solids handling with two BDP Rotary Drum Thickeners, chosen for their simple design, low maintenance, odor control, and reliability, achieving a 95% solids capture on blended waste streams with a TWAS of 6-7%.

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