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Rotary Drum Thickener — Sludge Thickening Equipment

The Rotary Drum Thickener provides an excellent option for many thickening applications. The RDT provides high thickening capacity and performance in a small footprint with minimal water usage and maintenance costs.


  • Variable Drum Speed Drive – Allows control of slurry depth inside the drum maximizing thickening performance
  • Center Shaft / Bearing design – Bearings are all located outside the enclosure, keeping bearings from being exposed to process fluids
  • Enclosure – Fully enclosed with easily accessible points for optimization and maintenance.

Available in multiple sizes, including a Dual 4×10 unit. The dual unit consists of two drums in one enclosure. Each drum can operate independently, allowing for greater flexibility, redundancy, and the ability to handle a wide range of flow rates. The Dual 4×10 RDT provides double the filtration area of a regular 4×10 RDT.

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