Gravity Belt Thickener - Sludge Thickening Equipment

The Gravity Belt Thickener is a great option for a variety of thickening projects. The GBT features a large filtration area which allows for high loading rates and low polymer usage.


  • Plows: Excelsior and adjustable angle plows provide excellent drainage
  • Feed Distribution: Up-flow weir design provides uniform distribution of slurry across entire length of the belt
  • Available in multiple sizes including varying lengths and widths
  • Enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener (EGBT) available with plate frame and odor hoods
  • Partially enclosed options also available

Recent Improvements:

  • MNR (Mist & Noise Reducing) Shower Boxes
  • Filtrate piping options
  • Self washing capabilities
  • Automatic Plow Lifts

Gravity Belt Thickener Case Studies

1 meter enclosed gravity belt thickener, skid mounted
Gravity Belt Thickener

Newtown Creek WWTP

BDP Industries' Enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener (EGBT) stands out for its exceptional performance, high solids capture, and low maintenance costs Used in the Newtown Creek WWTP where it achieved a remarkable 90%+ solids capture rate and reduced electrical power requirements by 95%.

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