In-Vessel Composting System

The BDP In-Vessel Compost System is widely recognized as the most space efficient type of system to achieve a stable, homogenized compost. The combination of an enclosed facility, agitation, and aeration creates an environment with no significant or persistent odor issues outside of the facility, allowing facilities to be built within 400 ft of commercial and residential areas.

The three proven methods of enhancing the natural composting process are: enclosing, agitating, and aerating.


  • Enclosed – For prevention of odor emissions and to minimize weather impacts
  • Agitated – To Maintain: pile porosity, end product consistency
  • Aerated – To Maintain: Aerobic conditions, control pile temperature

Recent Improvements:

  • Fully automated facility ability
  • Touch screen panels on compost agitator/dolly
  • Radio Communication/control ability to offsite locations as desired

BDP Compost Installations:

The BDP ICS compost technology has been used in many compost facilities, some within 400 ft of commercial and residential areas, with no significant or persistent odor issues.

  • Oldest Facility in Operation: 34 years
  • Site Locations: 33
  • Machines Built: 138

Composting Case Studies

compost agitator featuring tooth drum

COMPO Regional Food & Green Waste Composting Center

The $42M CAD Compo-Haut-Richelieu Composting Center, operational since September 2023, efficiently processes organic materials, utilizing concrete bays, BDP agitators, and a brown bin program, allowing small inorganics like plastic film to pass through without disruption.

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birds eye view of Rikers Island, home to a BDP in-vessel composting system

Rikers Island Food and Green Waste Facility

The Riker's Island Correctional Facility Compost facility, operating since 1996 with BDP technology, composts food scraps and yard trimmings, serving as NYC's smallest facility with two bays, one agitator, and a traditional biofilter for odor control. The finished compost supports organic farming training at RICF and NYC parks.

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Agitator at the end of bay in composting facility

City of Bennington, VT

The compost facility officially went back into service on August 28th, 2019 and has since been generating a Class A compost that the City utilizes on its own projects.

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