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Enhanced Composting Features

Automated Forced Aeration /Agitation /Moisture Addition
Most Systems Offer One – BDP Offers All:

Continuous input from temperature sensors allows computer optimization of agitation/temperature/air flow/ and moisture to avoid hot spots and maintain ideal composting conditions so that a quality compost is consistently obtained in the shortest time.

Aeration can be positive or negative as shown:

Negative Aeration

  • Automated aeration
  • Each zone independently controlled
  • Major portion of process gases captured
  • Reduced building ventilation requirements
  • Leachate and condensate captured via air handling ducts
  • Heat recovery/recycling for cold climates
  • Ensures aerobic conditions maintained

Positive Aeration

  • Automated aeration
  • Each zone independently controlled
  • No leachate or condensate formation
  • Maximum drying ability
  • Ensures aerobic conditions maintained


  • Increases pile porosity to enhance convective drying ability and maintain aerobic conditions
  • Exposes all portions of compost pile to the atmosphere over time thus enhancing convective drying
  • Physical contact of drum tines reduces particle sizes, increasing surface area thus enhancing decomposition
  • Remixes material such that microbial exposure to carbon and nutrient sources are maximized
  • Translates material down length of bay eliminating need for loader movement

Moisture Addition

  • The composting process drives off moisture – sometimes to the point of negative impact.  If the compost becomes too dry, the microbes go dormant and the compost process shuts down until the moisture is reintroduced.  Moisture addition also avoids an excessively dry and dusty end product.
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