3DP Belt Press for Dewatering Applications

The 3DP Belt Press has continuously proven to be a reliable machine for various types of dewatering applications. The 3DP offers ease of access and simplified maintenance. The features listed below lead the 3DP to achieve the highest throughput capacity and dewatering performance in the market today.

  • Independent Gravity Section at floor-level
  • Vertical Pressure Section
  • No platforms or catwalks required
  • Three belt design

Recent improvements to this modern belt press have led to increased odor control and solids containment. The improvements listed below have addressed common containment issues and complaints that previously surrounded belt presses.

  • MNR (Mist & Noise Reducing) Shower Boxes
  • Filtrate piping options
  • Completely enclosed gravity section
  • Odor control hoods
  • Self washing capabilities

3DP Belt Press Case Studies

3DP belt press with piped away filtrate for de-watering water treatment residuals
3DP Belt Press

Ogden Water Treatment Plant

The Ogden Water Treatment Plant enhanced dewatering efficiency by replacing a screw press with a 1.5m 3DP Belt Press in 2019, doubling capacity, achieving over 30% discharge cake solids, 95% solids capture, halving operating time, and reducing polymer consumption by over 80%.

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3DP belt press highlighting control panel
3DP Belt Press

Town of Hillsborough Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town of Hillsborough Wastewater Treatment Plant chose a Dual Mode 3DP Belt Press for their thickening and dewatering needs. The town was interested in this technology due to the savings in upfront capital cost and lower O&M costs due to less ancillary equipment.

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Trailer mounted 3DP belt press outside
3DP Belt Press

Nashville Metro’s Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

In May 2010, Tennessee was hit with a 1,000 year flood. At Nashville Metro’s Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, many buildings flooded, including the dewatering building that housed four 2.2-meter belt filter presses. Emergency dewatering services were provided with belt presses on mobile trailers.

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