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News On Dewatering, Composting & Thickening Systems

Rotary Drum Thickener

The Rotary Drum Thickener provides an excellent option for many thickening applications. The RDT provides high thickening capacity and performance in a small footprint with minimal water usage and maintenance costs. Features: Variable Drum Speed Drive – Allows control of slurry depth inside the drum maximizing thickening performance Center Shaft / Bearing design – Bearings are all located outside the enclosure, keeping bearings from being exposed to process fluids Enclosure – Fully enclosed with easily…

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Gravity Belt Thickener

The Gravity Belt Thickener is a great option for a variety of thickening projects. The GBT features a large filtration area which allows for high loading rates and low polymer usage. Features: Plows: Foil doctor and adjustable angle plows provide excellent drainage Feed Distribution: Up-flow weir design provides uniform distribution of slurry across entire length of the belt Automatic plow lifts and shower system now available Available in multiple sizes including varying lengths and widths…

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