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News On Dewatering, Composting & Thickening Systems

Rotary Drum Thickener

Superior Sludge Thickening Unique design provides a viable option to a Gravity Belt Thickener with the following advantages: a smaller footprint, unattended operation, lower investment, and maintenance costs. Performance is similar. Features: Low Cost Screen Construction: Uses filter cloth instead of perforated plate or wedge wire Large Effective Filtration Area Variable Drum Speed Drive Allows control of slurry depth inside the drum maximizing thickening performance Center Shaft / Bearing design: Keeps bearings from being exposed…

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Gravity Belt Thickener

The GBT™ is used to thicken primary or secondary sludge prior to centrifuge or digestion processes. High unit capacity per floor space Features: Venturi Mixer: The adjustable counter-weighted baffle allows for efficient optimization of slurry flocculation and shortened drainage time Feed Distribution: The up-flow smooth, weir design provides uniform distribution of slurry across entire width of the belt Gravity Deck: Large filtration area provides high efficiency thickening and cost effective chemical utilization Furrowing Plows: The combination…

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