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1 meter 3DP belt skid mounted with discharge conveyor

Belt Presses

The belt press remains the most cost effective dewatering solution for most applications, capable of handling a wide range slurries, sludges, residuals and materials.  Key recent advancements have added odor control, noise reduction, process containment, cleanliness and automation to the belt press technology.

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30 inch screw press with conveyor

DSP Screw Press

The DSP Screw Press is a heavy-duty option for those looking for exceptional dewatering performance in a completely enclosed unit with low energy and water consumption, and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

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2 meter gravity belt thickener

Gravity Belt Thickener

The Gravity Belt Thickener is a great option for a variety of thickening projects. The GBT features a large filtration area which allows for high loading rates and low polymer usage

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2 dual 4x10 rotary drum thickeners

Rotary Drum Thickener

The Rotary Drum Thickener is an excellent option for many thickening applications. The RDT provides high thickening capacity and performance in a small footprint with minimal water usage and very low maintenance cost in a naturally enclosed unit.

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BDP agitator on dolly


The BDP In-Vessel Compost System is widely recognized as the most space efficient type of system to achieve a stable, homogenized compost. The combination of an enclosed facility, agitation, and aeration creates an environment with no significant or persistent odor issues outside of the facility, allowing facilities to be built within 400 ft of commercial and residential areas.

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Agitator on dolly system in bio-drying facility


BDP biodrying systems combine agitation and aeration inside an enclosed facility to create optimal biodrying conditions when compared to static type systems.

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