Dual Mode 3DP Belt Press Reduces Capital Cost for North Carolina WWTP

Dual Mode Belt Presses and Screw Presses save capital cost and footprint. They also reduce the amount of ancillary equipment required by doing both thickening and dewatering functions on a single piece of equipment. The independent gravity belt section of the belt press accomplishes the same task as a stand-alone GBT. When running in “thickening mode,” only the independent gravity section is operating. When running in “dewatering mode,” the independent gravity section and the pressure section both operate. Switching from thickening mode to dewatering mode is as simple as flipping a switch, and pressing a button on the touchscreen.

The Town of Hillsborough Wastewater Treatment Plant chose a Dual Mode 3DP Belt Press for their thickening and dewatering needs. The town was interested in this technology due to the savings in upfront capital cost and lower O&M costs due to less ancillary equipment. This plant produces aerobically digested sludge that is fed to the dual mode machine. The plant typically thickens at a rate of 400 gpm in the mornings, then switches to dewatering at a rate of 1,200 lbs/hr in the afternoon. The flexibility of the dual mode machine makes it a great option for many plants.

Inlet feed-box of 3DP belt press, processing waste activated sludge
3DP belt press highlighting control panel
3DP belt press with odor vent over gravity section