Tianjin Biosolids & Agricultural Byproducts

Commencing operations in 2012, the compost facility in Tianjin, China has the distinction of being the first facility to combine BDP’s agitated bay technology with BacTee’s negative aeration system for the bays. Negative aeration provides for the highest level of odor containment and control while reducing fog potential inside the building. Using an extensive network of conveyors, including for bay loading and unloading, the facility is completely automated from material receipt thru compost discharge. It was designed and built by BacTee’s parent company MTI China. It incorporates twenty 10 feet wide x 280 feet long bays using two 100 HP BDP agitators to co-compost @ 250 WTPD of municipal biosolids from Tianjin with 25 WTPD of rice hulls and other agricultural by products. The facility is staffed by 10 full time employees and operates 7 days per week 16 hours per day. Average ambient temperatures at the facility range from 10F to 90F. An enclosed compact MTI biofilter is used for odor control. The material undergoes 21 days of active composting in the bays. Approximately 75% of the discharged material is recycled to the front of the compost bays for use as bulking agent. The remaining 25% material, which is more like a fertilizer product than compost, is land applied as fertilizer replacement.

Project Highlights

  • Primary Compost Material @ 90,000 WTPY Biosolids
  • Key Characteristics Undigested 20% DS from a screw press.
  • Secondary Compost Material @ 10,000 WTPY of various agricultural byproducts
  • Key Characteristics Dry organic material like rice hulls, corn straw, etc… <2”
  • Facility Start Up December 2012
  • Total Facility Size @5 acres
  • Facility Engineer MTI China
  • Plant Contact Don Wang – MTI USA
  • BDP Contact Rich Nicoletti – Compost Systems Manager
In-vessel composting facility seen from outside
Rendering of BDP in-vessel composting system utilizing BacTee aeration technology to compost organics with minimal odor issues
rendering of BDP compost facility used in China