BDP Screw Press Increases Cake Solids for New York WWTP

The wastewater treatment facility in Suffern, NY had an aging dewatering technology that was producing low discharge cake solids. The facility staff invited multiple dewatering technologies to pilot in the summer of 2012. From the piloting, screw press technology was selected due to the high discharge cake solids and ease of operation. The dewatering upgrade was designed around the BDP Screw Press. BDP was the successful bidder and two screw press units were installed to meet the redundancy requirements of the plant.

The Suffern, NY wastewater treatment plant operates two 12” screw presses with pre-thickeners attached for increased throughput. With a fixed volume screw, an attached pre-thickener can increase throughput by up to 200% on thin feed solids while maintaining high discharge solids. The 12” screw presses in Suffern are routinely fed 50 gpm of anaerobically digested sludge, and produce discharge cake solids of 23 – 30%. Typical 12” screw presses (300mm) are limited to 25 gpm due to hydraulic capacity. The optional pre-thickener allows the BDP Screw Press to operate at the design solids loading rate even when the feed is very thin.

2 18 inch screw presses with discharge conveyor
de-watered bio-solids from screw press