Rotary Drum Thickener from BDP Chosen in Virginia

The Peppers Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority upgraded solids handling to include two Rotary Drum Thickeners from BDP Industries in 2017. The authority processes WAS and septage with each thickener prior to digestion. BDP was chosen as the manufacturer due to the simplicity of design, low maintenance costs, odor control capabilities and reliability. The two RDTs each include a 4’ diameter by 10’ long drum. The facility maintains a 95% solids capture recovery on the blended waste streams, producing a TWAS of 6 – 7%.

The Rotary Drum Thickener from BDP Industries effectively thickens various materials, slurries and sludges, from water residuals to wastewater and industrial biosolids. With its compact design, trouble-free operation, low maintenance, and enclosure for odor control, it is an ideal option for many thickening applications. BDP has manufactured the same fundamental design with an internally baffled center shaft support since 1978. Since then, it has been revised to include more features and increase capacity and performance. The design includes an initial sealed thickening zone for increased flocculation time, and trunnion supports that are located on the center shaft outside of the enclosure, keeping them away from the process fluids.

4x10 rotary drum thickener with control panel and flocculation tank
4x10 rotary drum thickener with discharge hopper