Natural Disaster Reveals True Capability of 3DP Belt Press

In May 2010, Tennessee was hit with a 1,000 year flood. At Nashville Metro’s Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, many buildings flooded, including the dewatering building that housed four 2.2-meter belt filter presses. Emergency dewatering services were provided with belt presses on mobile trailers. BDP provided a 1-meter 3DP trailer-mounted unit and a 1.5-meter 3DP trailer-mounted unit. These units operated at the facility until September 2011.

Initially the 1-meter 3DP unit processed 200 gpm and produced better results and a drier discharge consistency than the existing four units combined. When the 1.5-meter 3DP arrived onsite, it processed 300 gpm while still providing drier discharge solids than the existing presses. Because of the success of the mobile units over almost 18 months of continuous 24/7 operation, the Dry Creek plant purchased a 1.5-meter press to install and operate permanently.

The 3DP Belt Press features a three belt design with an independent gravity section and vertical pressure section. The gravity section is at floor-level making it easy for operators to view the material on the gravity section and optimize the press. This floor-level gravity section also eliminates the need for platforms or catwalks around the machine. The three belt design allows the 3DP to achieve high throughput capacities with high level performance.

Trailer mounted 3DP belt press outside
discharge end of 3DP belt press
3DP belt press with piped away filtrate