Compo-Haut-Richelieu Regional Food and Green Waste Composting Center

Commencing operations in September 2023, the Compo-Haut-Richelieu Regional Food and Green Waste Composting Center (COMPO) in Saint-Jean-sur-Richleau, QC, Canada is distinguished by the relatively simple compost feedstock preparation process. The @ $42M CAD Compo facility is located 40 minutes South East of Montreal in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (QC). The facility uses eight concrete 10 ft wide x 312 ft long bays and is served by two 100 HP BDP agitators and is designed to process 50,000 TPY. Organic material such as green waste and food waste is collected through the surrounding municipality’s brown bin program, BRUN’O Lebac. Additional green waste is collected from local municipalities and brought to the facility.

After the organic materials are delivered to the facility, the material is loaded into a Komptech “Crambo” shredder, then conveyed under a magnet. Ferrous Metals separated from the compostable material by the magnet are dropped into a bin for recycling. The compostable materials continue on to a Hexact 6” disc screen, where the smaller, predominantly organic compost feedstock materials are dropped below into a bunker. The larger materials are sent to a separate bunker for either recycling back to the shredder if predominantly woody materials, or removed for disposal if predominantly inorganic waste. The combination of the brown bin system and the durability of the BDP agitated bay technology allow small inorganics (mostly plastic film) to pass through the compost process without negatively impacting the process. Once the relatively dry compost is removed from the bays it enters an additional post-screening process with de-stoning and a vacuum system to remove remaining inorganics.

Project Highlights

  • Primary Compost Material @ 20,000 TPY Food Waste
  • Secondary Compost Material @ 30,000 TPY Green/ Yard Waste
  • Key Characteristics Relatively Simple Screening and Preparation Process
  • Facility Start Up September 2023
  • Total Facility Size @ 10 Hectares
  • Facility Engineer EMS Engineering
  • Plant Contact Louise Fecteau – Executive Director
  • BDP Contact Richard Nicoletti – Compost Systems Manager
compost agitator featuring tooth drum
Screening process at COMPO composting facility
Rendering of COMPO site in Canada