Composting in Bennington, VT - Biosolids and Yard Trimmings

After being idle for nine years, the city of Bennington, VT decided to recommission their agitated bay composting facility. Built in 1992 to compost the City’s biosolids and green waste streams, the 4 bay Bennington Compost Facility, is co-located at the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). By 2010, the City’s biosolids production had decreased to the point where only two of the four bays were being utilized. The City determined hauling their biosolids to a nearby compost facility was more economical and made the decision to mothball their facility.

As offsite biosolids disposal options became increasingly more expensive, in August 2019, the City called BDP Industries, the major equipment supplier for the facility, to request assistance to restart the facility. The compost facility officially went back into service on August 28th, 2019 and has since been generating a Class A compost that the City utilizes on its own projects. This site is very efficient in the use of available space. The facility incorporates four bays, 6.5 feet wide x 180 feet long, with one 30 HP BDP agitator. The facility is staffed by 1 part time employee and operates for 4 hours per day, 6 days a week. A traditional wood chip type biofilter is used for odor control.

Project Highlights

  • Primary Compost Material  4,000 WTPY Biosolids (design)
  • Key Characteristics  Anaerobically Digested 20% DS from a BDP Belt Press
  • Secondary Compost Material Yard Trimmings
  • Key Characteristics From Municipal collection. Ground to <2”
  • Facility Start Up January 1992 (Restart 2019)
  • Total Facility Size <1 Acre ( Compost Facility and Biofilter)