WWTP Chooses Fully Contained Dewatering Technology from BDP Industries

The Christian County Water Reclamation District previously used belt presses as their primary dewatering equipment. These belt presses were older style 2-belt presses that were showing their wear.

The facility started looking for replacement dewatering equipment that would offer better solids containment and ease of access for maintenance. The BDP Screw Press offered both as well as high discharge cake solids, unattended operation, completely integrated system, low maintenance and the equipment reliability and customer service that BDP is known for providing. BDP’s Screw Press, along with all BDP equipment, is built in the USA from start to finish. The screw press is fabricated completely of stainless steel with unique options like pre-thickening and automatic filtrate recycle.

BDP provided two screw presses along with the sludge pumps, wash water pump, polymer blending unit, stainless steel polymer age tank, polymer solution pumps, discharge conveyors and control panel for a fully integrated system.

The BDP Screw Presses provided a large increase in solids containment when compared to the previously installed 2-belt presses. Overall accessibility improvements and the pivoting basket design has significantly increased the ease of maintenance. The routine wiper change has become a very simple task due to the addition of the pivoting baskets. Instead of having to take the baskets completely off the screw press, they simply open at the top and pivot from the bottom. This saves a significant amount of time and reduces the number of staff members needed to perform this maintenance task.

2 30 inch screw presses for de-watering