Leaders in Custom Dewatering, Thickening & Composting Equipment

What started in 1978 as a company supplying Belt Dewatering Press equipment (hence “BDP”) and service to the pulp and paper industry has evolved into a world class manufacturing facility, providing state of the art equipment solutions for thickening, dewatering, composting and biodrying applications. BDP strives to continuously improve each part of our manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

By maintaining all engineering, manufacturing and assembly in-house, BDP is able to better navigate supply-chain issues and equipment delivery requirements, all while having better control over our strict quality assurance standards. BDP is a UL rated panel shop, with electrical and controls engineers on staff that write the programs and provide the support our customers rely on to keep their facilities operational.

BDP History

  • 1971

    Early fabrication at BDP
    Battenkill Machine Company, forerunner of BDP Industries, began operation as a machine shop primarily serving the paper industry by manufacturing and rebuilding rolls and other components.
  • 1978

    Historical BDP belt press
    First Belt Press designed and manufactured by BDP. Company name at the time became Belt Dewatering Press, Inc.
  • 1983

    BDP founder next to an HO machine
    First Twin Wire Belt Press designed and manufactured.
  • 1984

    Dual Rotary Drum Thickener developed by BDP.
  • 1986

    BDP enters OEM agreement with EIMCO.
  • 1987

    two BDP agitators leaving BDP
    First Compost Agitator designed and manufactured.
  • 1989

    BDP is one of the initial manufacturers to develop a Gravity Belt Thickener.
  • 1993

    historical photo of BDP 3DP
    First Three-Belt Belt Press designed and manufactured by BDP - The Model 3DP.
  • 1995

    Construction of 12,500 sq. ft. assembly building.
  • 1998

    yellow two and half meter HO belt press
    First HO Belt Press designed and manufactured for the Pulp & Paper Industry. The HO Belt Press has 300 - 750 PLI capability and 3.0m effective belt width.
  • 2001

    12 inch screw press
    First BDP Screw Press designed and manufactured
  • 2002

    Enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener developed.
  • 2004

    First 4.0m GBT manufactured.
  • 2007

    2 meter 3dp belt press
    First 3.0m 3DP manufactured.
  • 2010

    DSP Screw Press with integrated pre-thickening designed and manufactured.
  • 2012

    Birds eye view of BDP assembly shop
    BDP doubles the size of the manufacturing facility in Greenwich, NY
  • 2012

    BDP’s largest biodrying facility opens. To the best of our knowledge, the largest biodrying facility in the world, processing 360,000 tons per year of Biosolids.
  • 2013

    BDP agitator on yellow dolly
    BDP offers complete Turnkey In-Vessel Composting System.
  • 2016

    1 and a half meter 3DP belt press with odor hood
    BDP introduces unique integrated odor hood system for thickening and dewatering.
  • 2019

    BDP adds over 9,000 sq. ft. for fabrication and office space.
  • 2023

    BDP develops the Vertical Thickener.

Our Customer Commitment

We pride ourselves in spending as much time and energy as it takes to ensure that BDP customers are satisfied with our equipment.  It’s no secret that our existing customers are our best advocates.  We are proud to have so many repeat customers, with many of our original customers now on their second generation of BDP equipment.  

BDP remains true to its roots, as a privately-owned company where everyone works together, and wears a lot of hats, and where an actual human will answer the office phone when you call.  BDP strives to incorporate our original, core family values with innovative, modern ideas. Our design team is always looking for new ways to improve our equipment, while the manufacturing team is continually passionate about making the highest quality product possible. 

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